Finance Manager

London, England, United Kingdom


We’re on a mission to make work an adventure and recruitment the most exciting thing companies do.

Each hire is the chance to find someone great, who will bring fresh ideas and energy to drive your business forward! For individuals, each new role is a chance to make an impact, develop skills and make new friends. However, thanks to years of cumbersome, disengaging and expensive processes, recruitment has become something that both companies and candidates dread. Tempo is here to change that.

We launched our MVP in May 2017 and started generating revenue the day it went live. We haven’t looked back since: the last 18 months has seen over 50,000 candidates sign up to our platform; 2,500 employers (including the likes of Monzo, Uber Eats, Bulb Energy and BCG to name a few); the size of the team has quadrupled and investors have supported the business with over £3m of funding to accelerate our growth.

We’re now looking to hire a Finance Manager to look after the Finance function in it's entirety! Initially you'll run the team alone, but over time you'll be responsible for building and leading the team as we grow. As a result, this will be a varied role with great opportunity for growth where you’ll be responsible for any/all of the following;



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